Let us design your stage according to your needs, width, depth and height, Indoors or outdoors. 
Our event staging services Include complete design & build systems.

Modular stage decks, truss segments, ADA lifts and ramps, create the perfect structure to effectively deliver your presentation and display your event banners.
Our experienced stage technicians are  able to transform an ordinary location into an experiential showcase, providing a focus point and anchor from which to build your event around, leading to a great experience for all.


The APEX 2016 Mobile Hydraulic Stage is a versatile, low impact stage designed to meet the needs and budgets of small to mid sized events Delivering an Impressive 20' x 16' performance area with optional expansion decks for Increasing stage size or adding sound wings. 
The Apex 2016 arrives at your event as a 26ft trailer with easy maneuverability and is a great fit in tight spaces. Setup only takes one hour.
features Include a 3400lb load bearing roof including 700lb sound wings. two sets of stairs and an optional ADA wheelchair lift or equipment ramp.

An Optional Banner package with 500 sq ft of Sponsorship branding space is also available.